I can’t get myself to watch the rest of those videos from Benedict hosting that awards show I just cant



sherlock and jobn getting drunk again SPECIFICALLY to get at least to third base w each other

like “hey erm sherlock, want another night out?” and sherlock like “mm… not particularly” and then lifting his head and going “oh but we never finished the name game we were playing…” and john being like “yes… we still need to finish that… only doable for us drunk you know.. gotta get back to where we left off” and them both grabbing their coats and running out the door


please don’t let ben c embarrass himself in front of every hollywood person he’s still a baby and people will make fun of him


-prays that X-men days of future past won’t be shit-


i hope sherlock just sees john multicolored grey-blond hair and wants to nuzzle it. all the fucking time. just stick his nose in his goddamn hair and breathe in and feel it and just