remember that fic where sherlock raced through a crowd of people screaming at them to move and then ripped through a bonfire in order to bodily drag john out of it and then cupped his face and looked down at him like he was the most precious thing in the worl-

oh wait


"Why do all the script pages have this funny little squiggle on them?  What is Ay-Oh-Three?"


sherlock au where john and sherlock are happy.. .. ….. . they smile a lot… ….…. . …at each other.. …. .. .. .. ….…. .yeah



girl sherlock wearing red lipstick one day and she never wears lipstick and girl john cant stop staring at her mouth

sherlock leavin red wine lip prints on the insides of jane’s thighs before dragging her to a crime scene and not letting her wipe them off



But don’t you see those contrasting sentences…? Before they started “dating” Janine knew Sherlock was unavailable to her but she didn’t know why… what was the obstacle. That’s why she said “whatever you are”. But after one month of “dating” she knew. She knew why it wouldn’t work because she did find out “whatever he is”.




things that need to happen in s4

  • johnlock

Pretty much. I don’t really give a flying fuck about anything else.

just an endless scene in which sherlock and john kiss and then some highly suggestive shots from the bedroom and then the morning after and then the credits roll. Three episodes of this