I fucking like.

I do like how the official Doctor Who tumblr reblogged this.

No. I will not start watching Merlin. Tumblr has exposed me to enough television as it is. I CAN’T HANDLE ANY MORE.

do iiiiit. watch meerrrlliiinn.

(also: this post of mine is decades old. HOW IS IT STILL GOING?)

I think this would get all kinds of gloriously awkward pretty damn fast. Harry’s going to wonder why Merlin is a servant boy and not a powerful wizard with a staff, and Arthur’s going to be wondering why apparent hunters wear such flimsy cloth.

Dean’s going to be wondering if Sherlock is possessed by an angel or a demon because godammit nobody but those guys acts like that, and John’s going to be wondering who on earth this special Doctor friend of Sherlock’s is.

Rory will wonder if a thirteen year old boy with a stick can really help before he remembers the Sonic Screwdriver is a stick and the Doctor acts about thirteen anyway. Sam will wonder if Arthur has Excalibur somewhere, and does this mean they’re hunting dragons again? 

Sherlock will wonder how long it will take everyone but the Doctor and himself to figure out what’s going on. 
The Doctor will probably wonder if everyone he’s picked up will like bunk-beds.  

asdklakldslasdlja that^




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