I leave you with this Ballet Sherlock and run away


I leave you with this Ballet Sherlock and run away



lop ears pigtails hairstyle for easter! jack is taking me to red lobster (´ ▽`) ♡

So I got an idea




Let’s take this 


and put it in 


yes??? Nintendo, are you taking notes?

Real life. The concept you’re thinking of is going outside.

Yes let me just go outside and talk to my rhinoceros neighbour, who resides in the town in which I am mayor, and then see what the alpaca merchants have for sale.

I’ll head into town hall afterward and talk to my anthropomorphic dog wife. 



if i had a dime for everytime an adult man made me feel uncomfortable



i am so tired and so gay

The Hounds of Baskerville » Light & Dark

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John convinces Sherlock to clean up some of the accumulated papers and books he has around the flat (unnecessary fire hazards are not okay when one of the flat’s occupants has a fondness for blowtorches), which is how John comes across Sherlock’s school trunk. He’d noticed it when they moved in, though he’d not seen it since (not even after—well, he couldn’t stomach being the one to box up Sherlock’s things then).

When he starts sorting through the contents and finds stacks of military magazines, another piece of the puzzle clicks into place.

"God, how long have you had these?" John says, and waits for Sherlock to look up at the magazine he’s holding. There’s an instant flush high on Sherlock’s cheekbones that’s a dead giveaway.

"They’re just useful for—"

"I bet you used to wank to these," John cuts him off. "Had them with you at school, couldn’t bear to get rid of them later." He pauses, licks his lower lip thoughtfully. Sherlock is staring, saying nothing. "You thought I hadn’t noticed. ‘All the nice girls like a soldier,’ right? Including yourself in that?"

"Don’t be ridiculous," Sherlock snaps. "You’re reading too much into things."

John straightens up, settles into a commanding stance that’s as familiar as breathing air. “So if I told you that your Captain”—John pauses, smirks at the way the word makes Sherlock bite his own lower lip—”wants you on your knees, you’d ignore it?”

There’s a beat of silence, then: “No.”

"That’s an order." John nods his head towards the floor and Sherlock is on his knees before the sentence is done. "You’ll do everything I tell you?"

Sherlock swallows thickly. “Yes, sir.”

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today was a marina and the diamonds kind of day

today was a marina and the diamonds kind of day

You're really pretty! (Sorry, I hope that doesn't sound weird but I saw your pic with the cool shirt and felt you should know)

!!!!!!!than k u!!

things Sherlock normally doesn’t do but did for John [x]

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